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Unexpected Announcement From This Altcoin: Announced It Will Send An Airdrop Of Thank You To Coin Owners!

The developers of these altcoins decided to hold an airdrop to thank the coin holders.

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AirDAO (AMB), a decentralized autonomous organization that manages the Ambrosus blockchain and dApp network, will celebrate its fourth anniversary by airdropping BOND altcoins to community members.

BOND is the native token of the AirBond Marketplace. The AirBond Marketplace will allow the exchange of AMB tokens with AirBonds, which are locked AMB tokens after the platform goes live.

The beta version of AirBond Marketplace is expected to launch shortly after the airdrop ends.

Airdrop Will Start on April 16

The airdrop will start on Sunday, April 16 at 12:00 UTC and will end on Wednesday, April 26 at 12:00 UTC. Five million BOND tokens will be distributed to eligible community members who hold five exclusive on-chain events on the Ambrosus network.

Eligibility criteria will be announced during the airdrop period and a new on-chain event will be announced to the community every two days at 12:00 UTC . The benchmarks will be posted on AirDAO’s official Twitter and Telegram channels.

After the airdrop announcement, there was a rise in the AMB price.

The developers said that said airdrop expresses their gratitude to everyone who has supported the growth of the AMB token ecosystem over the past four years, from AMB stakers to node operators, FirepotSwap users and more.

AirDAO is an ecosystem of dApps powered by the Ambrosus blockchain and AMB token.

Some of the dApps accessible through the AirDAO Dashboard include FirepotSwap, a decentralized exchange; AirDAO Staking, a platform that allows users to earn AMB rewards; and AirDAO Bridge, a tool that allows users to transfer AMB between compatible blockchains.

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