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  • 24h Vol: $53.24 B
  • BTC Dominance: 49.68%
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San Francisco-based company SoFi Technologies Inc. is exiting the crypto industry due to pressure from banking regulators.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency designed for use on the internet, using cryptography, a branch of mathematics, to perform transactions securely. The first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

How to Track Live Crypto Data?

Cryptocurrencies are assets that are traded 24/7, unlike other markets. For this reason, it is very important for investors to follow the cryptocurrency data instantly. Before making an investment decision, it is tried to predict how the price will be shaped in the future by analyzing the current and past prices of cryptocurrencies. You can follow the prices of cryptocurrencies live on

How to Interpret Instant Cryptocurrency Chart?

The chart type is important when examining cryptocurrency charts. Generally, the current price movements are examined by choosing a candle or area chart structure. Time periods are also one of the important elements when examining graphics. Minute, hourly, daily and weekly periods show the investor what kind of movements the price exhibits in that period range. By looking at the past price movements, support and resistance points are determined and it is tried to predict how the price will react in the future. Although not every interpretation or analysis is 100 percent accurate, chart interpretation can protect the investor from certain risks as well as ensure that they do not miss out on profit opportunities. For more detailed information, you can check the following article:

How Do Coins Rise and Fall?

Cryptocurrencies are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms that connect buyers and sellers. For example, a person who has Turkish lira and wants to buy Bitcoin and a person who has Bitcoin and wants to sell it come together on cryptocurrency exchanges. To give an example again; A person who wants to buy an X coin for 1 TL, enters an order in the so-called “order book” and says, in short, “I want to buy X coins for 1 TL”. Again, if the person who wants to sell the X coin in his hand wants to sell it for 1 TL, the match will be realized. Thus, the buyer and seller make the exchange between them. Likewise, if the person who wants to sell X coin wants to sell it for 1.5 TL and finds a buyer at this price, the price of the coin will increase to 1.5 TL. In other words, the price of the coins is completely determined by the buyer and the seller (supply and demand).

What Should Be Considered While Watching Coin Prices Live?

Since the buyers and sellers in each cryptocurrency exchange are different from each other, there may be small price differences between exchange A and exchange B. For example, the price of Bitcoin on one exchange may be $24,000, while on another exchange it may be $24,050. Here, if an instant transaction is made, the investor should follow the price from the stock exchange where he/she invests.

Which Cryptocurrencies Can I Track Lively?

You can follow live all cryptocurrencies listed on an exchange. Because cryptocurrency exchanges have to directly monitor the transactions made by buyers and sellers. In this case, any coin price listed on an exchange can be followed live at any time.

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