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These Are The 28 Altcoins Binance Has Invested In But Hasn’t Listed Yet

The list of altcoins that the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has invested in as a project but has not yet listed on its exchange has been published.

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Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has been investing in many altcoin projects recently.

However, Binance does not yet list many of the altcoins it invests in on its exchange platform. Although Binance's investment in a project does not guarantee listing on the exchange, data indicates that the company is more likely to list the altcoins it has invested in.

So, which are the altcoins that Binance has invested in but has not yet listed on the stock market? Here is the list:

  1. GPT
  2. PBUX
  3. HIP
  4. ZK
  5. CHAMP
  6. PEEL
  7. LFT
  8. SQR
  9. OLE
  10. APX
  11. PSTAKE
  12. OOE
  13. FOG
  14. GMEE
  15. MAVIA
  16. NCG
  17. FAQ
  18. BBS
  19. D.F.D.
  20. BUNNY
  21. PUSH
  22. CQT
  23. MATH
  24. RWA
  25. HOPR
  26. NYM
  27. CERE
  28. MOB
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Particularly noteworthy tokens in this list include MAVIA, CQT and NYM. The reason why these tokens attract attention is that their total market value is over 100 million dollars. Predictably, Binance is more willing to list high-cap tokens.

The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange has been making many listings via Launchpools lately. The last example of this was Notcoin (NOT). However, the NOT rewards were disappointing, paying out only $1.5 per approximately $1000 staked.

*This is not investment advice.

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