Solana News

Institutional Investors Expecting a Decline in Bitcoin and Ethereum Turned to Altcoins! Here are the 3 Altcoins They Bought!

Coinshares said the $584 million outflows in Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins indicate a real correction is on the way.

Solana Developer Reveals What He Claims Will Be a Breakthrough for SOL, Says “Big News is Here”

Mert Mumtaz, one of the most important developers of the Solana ecosystem, shared a new development in his statement.

BitMEX Founder Arthur Hayes Announced the Altcoin That Will Dethrone Solana (SOL)!

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes made a bold prediction regarding the future outlook of Layer 1 (L1) blockchains.

DWF Labs Signed an Agreement with the Recently Popular Memecoin, Price Reacted!

Controversial market maker DWF Labs has partnered with Solana (SOL)-based altcoin GmeStop (GME). GME price is on the rise.

Famous Billionaire Praises Solana (SOL) and Memecoins!

Mike Novogratz reiterated his support for Memecoilers, calling them a "cornerstone" of the cryptocurrency industry. Solana detail attracted attention.

The Giant Company with More than 150 Cryptocurrency Investments Announced Its New Fund of 150 Million Dollars: Mentioned a Surprise Altcoin!

CMT Digital announced its fourth fund of $150 million for long-term cryptocurrency investments. He gave the altcoin named Helium-HNT as an example.