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What Does the IMF’s Report on Bitcoin Mean? Statement from the Investment Company

What does the Bitcoin (BTC) report recently published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mean? Here's the expert opinion.

Bitcoin Crisis in El Salvador: Hacker Group Leaks Information of Highly Promoted BTC App

He shared the source codes of Chivo, El Salvador's state-developed cryptocurrency wallet, with the entire internet.

This Time the Roles Have Changed! Two US Giant Names of the Cryptocurrency Industry Sue the SEC!

Two US institutions, which have an important place in the cryptocurrency industry, Blockchain Association and Texas Crypto Freedom Alliance, filed a lawsuit against the SEC.

Standard Chartered Shares Whether Ethereum ETFs Will Be Approved in May and Bitcoin and ETH Price Forecast

Standard Chartered analysts seem to have made some revisions to their previous views in their latest report.

Santiment Named Two Altcoins: "Investors' Bitcoin Profits Are Flowing to These Two Altcoins!"

Santiment announced that as Bitcoin rose above $67,000, investors turned to altcoins called POPCAT and AMP.

BREAKING: Coinbase Goes on a Streak – Announces Another New Altcoin to List Today

According to breaking information, Coinbase will list the Safe (SAFE) altcoin with the "experimental" label. According to the official statement made by Coinbase, Safe (SAFE)...

BREAKING: SEC Delays Franklin Ethereum ETF Application – Here Are The Details

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a delay in its decision on a proposed rule change for listing and trading shares of...

Positive Trend Continues in Bitcoin Spot ETFs After Halving! Here are all ETF Entry-Exit Data

Following the uncertainty before the halving in spot Bitcoin ETFs, inflows continued today.

Bitcoin Exchange Binance is Newly Banned from This Country!

The Philippines, where Bitcoin exchange Binance is experiencing problems, demanded that the applications be removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Will There Be Another Correction in Bitcoin Soon? CryptoQuant Analyst Explained!

CryptoQuant analyst examined the SOPR rate, warning investors to be careful about smoothing and volatility in Bitcoin.

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