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Analyst Announced: This Altcoin Has A Sudden Rise In Network Activity!

Cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez drew attention to the increase in the network activity of this altcoin in his statement on Twitter.

Debt Limit Crisis in the USA Resolved: Parties Reached an Agreement in Principle! Here are the Details and Bitcoin's Reaction

It was noted that in the long-standing debt limit crisis in the USA, the parties reached an agreement in principle. Here are the details.

How Much of Binance CEO Does He Keep in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? Announced!

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of crypto exchange Binance, explained how he distributed his wealth in his statement.

New Platform Statement from Binance: It Will No Longer Serve This Country!

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will cease operations in this country in order to comply with local regulators, in its statement.

Anticipated Altcoin Airdrop Coming: Developers Announce Requirements to Participate!

The developers have made a statement for the long-awaited altcoin, which has been expected for a long time and the expectations have increased even more after the SUI.

Arthur Hayes Answers "Is There a Bull in Bitcoin This Year" Question: "After This Date, Armageddon Is Coming!"

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes made interesting statements about Bitcoin in a YouTube program he attended.

China Post Again by Binance CEO CZ: He Said "Interesting Timing", Pointing To The Bull In Bitcoin?

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao commented on the new step of the Chinese government in his post on Twitter.

Attention: This Altcoin Listed On Binance Is Currently Experiencing Price Manipulation!

It was claimed that the price of this altcoin listed on Binance was manipulated by an address. Here are the details.

Ethereum's New Big Update Date Has Begun For Cancun!

An important development in the history of Cancun, the major update in front of Ethereum, was announced by the developer.

Historical BTC Sharing From Bitcoin Enemy Peter Schiff: Is It Making a U-Turn?

The last post of Peter Schiff, known as a Bitcoin enemy, was described as "historic" by Twitter users.

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