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Binance-Listed Altcoin Launches Vote to Drastically Reduce Annual Token Inflation

In one of the small-cap altcoins listed on Binance, developers proposed reducing annual inflation.

Two Decentralized Exchanges Announce Second Hack in Three Days: What’s the Damage?

Two decentralized exchanges, which announced that they were hacked days ago, stated in their statement that they were attacked again.

Cryptocurrency Exchange KuCoin Announces Investment in Surprise Altcoin Ecosystem

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin announced in its press release that it has invested in a new altcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin Price Exceeds $39,000! What is the Latest Data? What About Liquidations? Here Are All The Details

With the sudden increase in the price of Bitcoin, large amounts of liquidations took place in the cryptocurrency market.

The Expected Airdrop Period Has Begun on the Solana (SOL) Network: Backlash from Users

One of the most anticipated airdrops of the Solana ecosystem has been officially launched. However, there are reactions regarding token distribution.

FTX and Alameda Bankruptcy Accounts Active Again: They Sold Another $22 Million Of 9 Altcoins Today

Tokens were transferred from the crypto wallets of the bankrupt cryptocurrency company FTX and its subsidiary Alameda to the stock exchanges today.

Another Shock to the SEC: Judge Issues a Harsh Reprimand to the SEC in Cryptocurrency Case

A federal judge has reprimanded the SEC for making false statements in a cryptocurrency case.

Binance-Listed Altcoin Faces Community Backlash Over Insider Trading Accusation

Insider trading suspicions about the team of the altcoin, which was launched via IEO method on Binance, created controversy.

Bitcoin Touches the $39,000 Threshold: Popular Analyst il Capo Explains What to Expect Next

Bitcoin price almost touched the $39,000 level after FED chairman Jerome Powell's statements.

JUST IN: Coinbase Futures Says It Will List Two More Major Altcoins!

According to the latest official announcement, Coinbase's futures cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase International Exchange will launch Polygon (MATIC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) futures. In the official...

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