XRP News

Criticism of SEC and USA from Ripple CEO!

Criticizing the SEC, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said there is too much regulatory uncertainty in the cryptocurrency space in the US.

While Exits from Institutional Bitcoin and Altcoin Funds Continue, Short Positions Increased!

CoinShares stated that there were $59.3 million outflows in crypto products last week. Bitcoin suffered the most.

FTX Announces Cryptocurrency Portfolio! Bitcoin Dropped to $25,000! What Altcoins Does FTX Hold?

According to current data, FTX holds a total of approximately $7 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. How many Bitcoins do you have?

SEC-Binance Litigation Comment from XRP Lawyer!

Famous XRP lawyer John Deaton said it would be interesting if Bitcoin exchange Binance objects to the SEC's sealed documents.

Highly Anticipated Update on Ripple (XRP) Network Available for Voting

Ripple (XRP) developers have submitted one of the most important updates expected for the network to validators.

Investors' Interest in XRP Has Decreased! A Buy Signal for XRP?

According to Google Trends data, interest in XRP has waned. What does this mean for XRP? Buy signal?