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A Cryptocurrency Whale Turned $2,275 into $2.26 Million Last Night – Here’s the Memecoin That Brought 993x Rise

According to Onchain data, a cryptocurrency whale surprised with the profit he made from a memecoin in recent hours. Here are the details.

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A crypto whale has accomplished something incredible, according to a development reported by analysts at cryptocurrency data provider Lookonchain.

The wallet named sundayfunday.sol turned the memecoin called 1DOL into 2.26 million dollars, in which it invested only 13 SOL, or 2,275 dollars, last night. This shows that the whale wallet made 993x profit in 8 hours.

However, it appears that the whale wallet in question has made similar transactions in the past. According to Onchain data, sundayfunday.sol is also an address associated with BOME, which experienced incredible hype for a while and is currently among the memecoins with a market value of 780 million dollars.

sundayfunday.sol, which participated in the BOME pre-sale with the largest amount of assets, spent 421 SOL, or 72 thousand dollars, for this pre-sale. However, a total of 1.43 trillion BOMEs were distributed to the whale wallet, and these tokens reached a peak value of $ 40 million.

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At the time of writing, BOME is trading 59% lower than its all-time high price level.

sundayfunday.sol wallet sold 530 billion BOME for 7.66 million dollars in transactions made after the BOME launch. However, the whale wallet is still the largest owner of this altcoin with 894 billion BOME tokens worth $ 10.5 million.

Although sundayfunday.sol wallet is lucky, it should not be forgotten that the majority of cryptocurrency users in memecoins lose large amounts of money.

*This is not investment advice.

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