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Avalanche's (AVAX) Latest Statistics Has Been Released! Is Growth Continuing?

The unofficial community account, which compiles data on the Avalanche ecosystem, revealed the latest status of AVAX with a graph.

Bitcoin Ordinals Mobilize Litecoin Network: What's Up With LTC?

Ordinals, which allows users to generate NFTs on the BTC network, has had a positive impact on Litecoin.

The Rise Of This Metric In The Polygon (MATIC) Network Has Got Attention!

According to the website that tracks on-chain data, the number of transactions per second on Polygon has increased astronomically in recent days.

Why Is The Expected Rise In Bitcoin (BTC) Not Coming, What Does the Data Say For The Chain?

Cryptocurrency analysts examining on-chain data are trying to explain why the expected rise in Bitcoin did not come.

Rising Fees in Bitcoin and Ethereum Drive Users to This Network

According to the chart shared by the on-chain follower, the average of weekly active wallets on Solana has exceeded 300 thousand.

Glassnode Detects Change in Bitcoin Whales!

Analyzing whale movements between halving periods, crypto experts have identified a significant difference.