Crypto NewsAltcoinThese Developments Will Be Followed in the New Week in Altcoins!

These Developments Will Be Followed in the New Week in Altcoins!

While another week is left behind, crypto money users will follow these developments in the new week.

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It's been a busy week in the cryptocurrency market. So, which developments should followers follow closely next week?

This Week's Developments

  • The Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade has been launched, enabling staked ETH withdrawals. While Kraken has a significant stake as it shuts down staking after reaching an agreement with the SEC, large-scale full exits have been minimal.
  • The total locked value (TVL) of ZkSync Era exceeded $100 million as network activity surged due to airdrop rumors and mainnet launch.
  • The total locked value (TVL) of RDNT reached an all-time high of $200 million after BSC launch.
  • STG transactions surged due to rumors of a potential airdrop and Layerzero's recent fundraising.
  • Maple Finance is preparing to launch the US Treasury Pool, which will allow international customers to access US Treasury bonds on-chain.
  • FTX is expected to resume operations in Q2 and the price of FTT rose as a result.
  • FTX Creditors have decided to move Ren Protocol's assets to FTX cold wallets.
  • The first phase of the EigenLayer Testnet built on the Ethereum Goerli network has been launched.
  • Magic Eden launched on Ethereum and introduced the Bitcoin Launchpad.
  • Solana NFT mint costs are now lower thanks to the new State Compression technology.
  • Solana meme token Bonk Inu launches BonkSwap DEX.
  • Avalanche introduced Evergreen Subnets and launched Cortina upgrade on testnet.
  • Binance USA delisted TRX amid regulatory pressure.
  • zkSync developers came up with a solution to save $2 million stuck in Gemholic's smart contract.
  • Euler Finance repayments came to life.

Important Future Developments in Altcoins

  • Solana Lab's crypto smartphone Saga will be available on May 8.
  • Rocket Pool's Atlas Update is due April 18 and will include improved protocol efficiency, higher node operator rewards, and increased rETH capacity.
  • veYFI is expected to be launched soon and will offer protocol revenue sharing with stakers, automated vaults and advanced management system.
  • GMX V2 will support the trading of synthetic assets with a renewed fee structure.
  • LooksRare V2 migration will take place on April 13, presenting trading rewards changes and new public API endpoints.
  • Binance will support staked ETH withdrawals from April 19.
  • crvUSD is expected to be launched soon.

*Not investment advice.

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