Crypto NewsAltcoinThe Number of Users on the Tron Network Exceeded 150 Million!

The Number of Users on the Tron Network Exceeded 150 Million!

Tronscan recently shared the updated data on the number of wallets created on TRON via Twitter.

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Tron, one of the leading blockchain networks, continues to grow, although it has not been on the agenda recently.

Blockchain follower Tronscan announced in a Twitter post that the total number of wallets created on TRON has reached 156 million.

Although the metric in question refers to the number of wallets, not the number of people, other on-chain data also reveals that adoption is increasing. According to the ranking of on-chain data tracker Token Terminal, Tron has been the most active blockchain network in recent days with 1,900,000 daily users.

TRON beat BNB by two and Bitcoin by three in the metric in question; Polygon surpassed Ethereum and Arbitrum by six. The expectations of the TRON community may be effective in the sudden rise in the said metrics.

Will China Adopt Tron?

A share made from the social media account "TRON Community", which is widely followed by the Tron community, excited investors. The unofficial account shared that China and BRICS countries can accept Tron.

TRON founder Justin Sun claimed earlier this year that China would eventually allow cryptocurrency.

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