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Surprise Altcoin Announces Project with Giant Gaming Company

In a surprise altcoin, developers announced that they will develop a project in cooperation with one of the biggest companies in the gaming world.

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Arbitrum (ARB) Foundation and web3 company Sequence announced that they are collaborating with Ubisoft Labs to create a web3 game series called “Captain Laserhawk: the Eden Online Experience.”

The game will feature iconic characters from famous series such as Assassin's Creed, Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil.

The initial activation and foundation of the game will be built on Arbitrum.

Ubisoft Labs Vice President Nicolas Pouard said the following on the subject:

“With Arbitrum's super-strong blockchain infrastructure and Sequence's full web3 stack, Captain Laserhawk: the Eden Online Experience is poised to be a game-changing user-focused project. “The blockchain features in Arbitrum allow us to give the community a real say in shaping the story, gameplay, and even side experiences.”

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Nina Rong, head of ecosystem development at the Arbitrum Foundation, also shared her thoughts on the collaboration:

“It's exciting to see leading game studios like Ubisoft turning to Arbitrum to support their ambitious community-driven projects; this is a significant step towards increasing adoption and accessibility in the industry. Arbitrum's gaming ecosystem continues to evolve, and the increased focus of legacy studios is only driving this growth.” It will speed it up.”

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