Crypto NewsBitcoinLeader of Diem Project Introduced Its New Platform!

Leader of Diem Project Introduced Its New Platform!

Lightspark will develop new solution tools to make the Bitcoin Lightning Network more applicable in practice.

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David Marcus, head of Facebook's (renamed Meta) cryptocurrency project Diem, announced his new blockchain initiatives to the world.

Marcus, who previously served as a manager at PayPal, a payment service, took an important step for Lightspark, the blockchain company he founded.

Launching Lightspark with a statement on Twitter, the crypto expert emphasized that the internet world needs an innovative payment protocol. Lightspark, which collected investments last May, received a fund worth 175 million dollars.

The fledgling payment platform is first creating new software products to improve the current state of the Bitcoin network Lightning Network.

"Unable to Apply Lightning Network"

Although the Lightning Network, which makes payment transactions on the traditional Bitcoin network faster and cheaper, is an excellent idea, according to Marcus, it cannot be implemented in practice. The company wants to make the network easier to use by offering different pricing based on volume.

By eliminating the complex interfaces of the crypto world, Lightspark will appeal to its customers from a more simplified tableau.

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