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Brazil Transitions to a Blockchain-Based Digital Identity System

The Brazilian government will switch to a new blockchain-based identity system and roll it out across the country by November.

BNB Chain Introduces New Layer 2 Network!

BNB Chain, the blockchain network created by Binance, today announced the launch of opBNB, a Layer 2 network.

New Blockchain Move from JP Morgan!

JP Morgan has expanded its blockchain-based payment system JPM Coin to include transactions in euros for institutional customers.

Blockchain Move from JP Morgan!

JPMorgan has partnered with six Indian banks for interbank dollar transactions on blockchain-based trading platform Onyx.

Research: Crypto Attacks Drop 70 Percent In The First Quarter Of The Year!

In its latest research report, TRM Labs compared the amount of tokens that cybercriminals steal from crypto platforms.

Ledger Integrates with the Cosmos Ecosystem

The hardware wallet provider integrates with the Cosmos ecosystem to offer its customers a wider choice.