Crypto NewsNewsBREAKING: Coinbase Announces New Altcoin Listing

BREAKING: Coinbase Announces New Altcoin Listing

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In the statement made by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, it was reported that the Drift Protocol (DRIFT) altocoin will be listed on the exchange with the experimental label.

In the official statement made by Coinbase, it was stated that the DRIFT token will be supported on the Solana network.

The experimental label is used by the exchange to identify high-volatility and high-risk assets.

DRIFT had recently entered the listing roadmap of the exchange. However, DRIFT is a newly launched altcoin and was distributed to users via airdrop yesterday afternoon.

A total of 120 million DRIFT tokens were distributed to users during the airdrop event, which corresponds to 12% of the total supply.

Interestingly, the developers followed a different way to distribute the airdrop in question. In order to avoid network congestion and also prevent early sales, they announced that they will give an extra bonus of 20% of their airdrop to users who do not request the first airdrop for 6 hours.

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