Crypto NewsAltcoinFresh Whale Continues to Withdraw Huge Amounts from This Altcoin from Binance

Fresh Whale Continues to Withdraw Huge Amounts from This Altcoin from Binance

A cryptocurrency whale with a short history continues to accumulate this altcoin through Binance.

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According to a recent development, a new whale identified by the short address 0xc75 continued to withdraw Tellor (TRB) from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. In the last withdrawal, the whale withdrew 31,432 TRB, equivalent to $4.07 million, at a price of $129.6 per TRB.

This is not the first withdrawal made by the whale in question. Over the past two days, 0xc75 has withdrawn a total of 94,136 TRB from Binance. The total value of these shots was recorded as $11.6 million, and the average price per TRB was $123.2. TRB price is trading at $132 at the time of writing this article.

Currently, it has been observed that the giant whale has 94,136 TRB tokens worth a total of $12.2 million in his cold wallet.

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However, TRB token is talked about with its recent rises. The altcoin, which has consistently had negative funding rates in futures, has risen more than 700% since the beginning of September, pushing its price from $11 to its current level.

In his statement, DWF Labs founder Andrei Grachev also drew attention to the negative funding rates in TRB without naming the altcoin and caused allegations of manipulation.

It's important to note that this is part of a larger trend. Since August 31, 2023, 20 whales have withdrawn a total of 1.28 million TRB. This amount corresponds to 164 million dollars, that is, 50.1% of the total supply.

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