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How Much Bitcoin and Altcoins Does Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Hold? Latest Audit Report Released

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced how much Bitcoin and altcoins it holds in its latest audit report.

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Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, published its twelfth Proof of Reserve report, showing the current status of user assets as of November 1, 2023.

Here are the details of the report published by the company, comparing the total crypto assets it holds with customer assets.

Bitcoin (BTC):

Customer Net Balances: 584,659,077 BTC

Rate: 104.22%

Binance Net Balances: 609,310.54 BTC

Ethereum (ETH):

Customer Net Balances: 3,916,289.491 ETH

Rate: 105.20%

Binance Net Balances: 4,119,859.652 ETH

Binance Coin (BNB):

Customer Net Balances: 31,216,990.449 BNB

Rate: 111.41%

Binance Net Balances: 34,780,090.978 BNB

Tether (USDT):

Customer Net Balances:,327 USDT

Rate: 118.83%

Binance Net Balances: 18,146,029,533,888 USDT

Binance USD (BUSD):

Customer Net Balances: 835,359,336.352 BUSD

Rate: 133.60%

Binance Net Balances: 1,116,058,372.655 BUSD

USD Coin (USDC):

Customer Net Balances: 918,194,516.301 USDC

Rate: 103.70%

Binance Net Balances: 952,207,696.929 USDC

Litecoin (LTC):

Customer Net Balances: 5,569,377.819 LTC

Odds: 101.43%

Binance Net Balances: 5,649,004,963 LTC

Ripple (XRP):

Customer Net Balances: 2,659,549,227.727 XRP

Rate: 104.18%

Binance Net Balances: 2,770,726,176,367 XRP

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Solana (LEFT):

Customer Net Balances: 26,642,841.003 SOL

Rate: 102.26%

Binance Net Balances: 27,245,703,873 SOL

Chainlink (LINK):

Customer Net Balances: 52,451,368.99 LINK

Rate: 104.08%

Binance Net Balances: 54,590,278,565 LINK

1inch (1INCH):

Customer Net Balances: 123,138,527.015 1INCH

Rate: 101.69%

Binance Net Balances: 125,222,064.551 1INCH

Aptos (APT):

Customer Net Balances: 15,943,609.392 APT

Rate: 102.61%

Binance Net Balances: 16,359,352.917 APT

Arbitrum (ARB):

Customer Net Balances: 296,535,468.766 ARB

Odds: 100.66%

Binance Net Balances: 298,495,551.61 ARB

Chromia (CHR):

Customer Net Balances: 347,329,830.995 CHR

Rate: 106.87%

Binance Net Balances: 371,205,311,013 CHR

Chiliz (CHZ):

Customer Net Balances: 3,538,282,736.988 CHZ

Rate: 120.60%

Binance Net Balances: 4,267,001,590.84 CHZ

Curve DAO Token (CRV):

Customer Net Balances: 93,281,529.837 CRV

Rate: 102.69%

Binance Net Balances: 95,789,698.344 CRV

PowerPool (CVP):

Customer Net Balances: 23,961,575.973 CVP

Rate: 104.93%

Binance Net Balances: 25,143,339.399 CVP

Dogecoin (DOGE):

Customer Net Balances: 12,274,520,954.89 DOGE

Odds: 100.42%

Binance Net Balances: 12,326,319,766,654 DOGE

Polkadot (DOT):

Customer Net Balances: 101,614,992.545 DOT

Rate: 112.03%

Binance Net Balances: 113,837,637.632 DOT

Enjin Coin (ENJ):

Customer Net Balances: 160,750,327,034 ENJ

Rate: 104.89%

Binance Net Balances: 168,612,109.515 ENJ

Frax (FDUSD):

Customer Net Balances: 444,471,938.424 FDUSD

Rate: 125.30%

Binance Net Balances: 556,924,230,485 FDUSD

The Graph (GRT):

Customer Net Balances: 773,995,507,943 GRT

Rate: 102.61%

Binance Net Balances: 794,187,503,539 GRT

Hifi Finance (HFT):

Customer Net Balances: 82,960,813,392 HFT

Odds: 103.00%

Binance Net Balances: 85,452,497.315 HFT

Mask Network (MASK):

Customer Net Balances: 14.474.524,196 MASK

Rate: 104.66%

Binance Net Balances: 15,149,112,581 MASK

*This is not investment advice.

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