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Which Altcoin Will Be in Binance’s Next Launchpad? Here is the Biggest Potential Candidate

What is the biggest candidate to be released on Launchpads, one of Binance's highly anticipated moves?

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According to predictions published by cryptocurrency research platform Layergg, the new altcoin that Binance will launch with Launchpad may be Helio Protocol.

The researchers also explained the reasons for their prediction that Helio Protocol may be included in the new Launchpad. They chose this token as a possible candidate because it had previously received a $10 million investment from Binance Labs.

In addition, according to researchers, Helio Protocol is currently the largest LSD-Fi platform in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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Helio Protocol bears similarities to Venus Protocol, another decentralized finance protocol on BNB Chain. Venus Protocol was the victim of a hack attack worth approximately $560 million in October 2022. After the hack attack, BNB Chain had to be stopped for a while.

Helio Protocol developers have signaled in their past statements that they may distribute an airdrop to their users. Helio Protocol, which bills itself as an LSD-Fi platform, may allow liquid staking transactions with a token such as wBETH in the future.

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