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US Congressman Tom Emmer Talks About Bitcoin (BTC): "A Great Opportunity for the USA"

US Congressman from the State of Minnesota, Tom Emmer, made a statement about Bitcoin (BTC) at the summit he attended.

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Famous Bitcoin (BTC) supporter, US Senator Tom Emmer, spoke about BTC in his statement today.

Speaking at the Bitcoin Policy Summit in the US, Emmer argued that BTC presents a great growth opportunity for the US.

Emmer also warned of the central bank digital currency (CBDC) being developed by the Fed. The senator argued that this project would record all financial transactions of Americans and would cause major privacy issues. Emmer also said that the application of CBDC could result in a control mechanism similar to the one in China.

The senator said that the digital dollar to be released in the US should run on the Blockchain, have the transparency of transactions and have the privacy features that cash provides.

Tom Emmer is a US Congressman from the state of Minnesota, known as a promoter of Bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies. He introduced bills to prevent the Fed from issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) directly to individuals, arguing that it would undermine the privacy and innovation of the digital economy.

He also expressed support for Bitcoin's growth potential and its role in the Web3 "ownership economy." He criticized regulators for suppressing the crypto industry and creating uncertainty for investors.

*Not investment advice.

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