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Unexpected Altcoin Joins the European Digital Euro Foundation

According to the official announcement, a surprise altcoin has joined the European Digital Euro Association (DEA). Official statement came from the parties.

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The Digital Euro Association (DEA) announced a collaboration with the HBAR Foundation, the entity behind the Hedera (HBAR) network ecosystem.

President of the Digital Euro Organization, Dr. Jonas Gross expressed his satisfaction with the partnership. “The HBAR Foundation's efforts to advance digital currency ecosystems align with our vision for the future of money. This collaboration underscores our commitment to researching and advocating technologies that enable the digital currency ecosystem to be secure, efficient, and advance the public good,” he said.

HBAR Foundation CEO Shayne Higdon also shared his excitement about the partnership:

“Joining the Digital Euro Foundation is in line with our commitment to promoting a sustainable and innovative digital future.

As a decentralized ledger technology with the lowest carbon footprint, as well as being fast and enabling transactions to occur for well under a cent, Hedera is uniquely positioned to contribute to the growth of the digital currency ecosystem. “We are willing to cooperate with the DEA and contribute to the advancement of digital currencies.”

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HBAR Foundation wrote the following in its official website announcement where it shared the collaboration:

“This partnership represents a significant alignment in the pursuit of innovation in the digital currency landscape. “The HBAR Foundation's commitment to fostering a sustainable and innovative digital future complements RIA's mission to advance the understanding, adoption and development of stablecoin and central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiatives.”

The collaboration in question was also shared on the official X account of the Digital Euro Organization.

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