Crypto NewsNewsNew Airdrop Alarm in Solana Ecosystem: Details Announced

New Airdrop Alarm in Solana Ecosystem: Details Announced

A project operating on the Solana blockchain announced that it will distribute airdrops shortly.

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Parcl, a digital real estate investment platform based on the Solana blockchain, announced the upcoming launch of its network altcoin PRCL.

The launch and airdrop is planned for April.

The total supply of PRCL token will be 1 billion. The initial community airdrop will account for 7% – 8% of the total supply, and the initial circulating supply is expected to be between 10% and 12%. Parcl Limited plans to release detailed Tokenomics information in March 2024.

PRCL holders will be able to participate in governance over certain aspects of the Parcl Protocol and dApp. The PRCL token will also be used as a gateway mechanism for accessing real estate data. In addition, according to the announcement, token holders will have access to advanced utilities across data and trading, including incentives within the Protocol ecosystem where applicable.

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Those who request an airdrop for the initial community offering will be able to verify their progress on the Parcl Limited website. Parcl said it will notify users when the availability checker and claims tools are released.

According to the latest information, a snapshot has not been taken for the project and in order to receive an airdrop, it is necessary to join liquidity pools or trade on the platform.

However, as with every project that distributes airdrops, there may be people who falsely claim to distribute Parcl airdrop for this project. Users should only trust official sites and not click on links they are not sure about.

*This is not investment advice.

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