Crypto NewsAltcoinTwo Giant Whales Discharge their Long-Hold Altcoins to Binance!

Two Giant Whales Discharge their Long-Hold Altcoins to Binance!

Two giant cryptocurrency whales transferred their long-held altcoins to Binance.

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According to on-chain data, two giant cryptocurrency whales transferred the altcoins they had held for a while to Binance in their last transactions.

Two Cryptocurrency Whales Profited from Altcoins They Moved to Binance

The two whales in question transferred a total of approximately $3 million worth of GMX altcoins to Binance.

A weekly CoinMarketCap chart showing the downward trend in the GMX price for a while.

The first of the whales held 13,000 GMX ($1 million). The whale in question made a profit of $ 760,000 from the sale of the coins it has held for a year. In other words, the whale account earned 200% from the sale in question.

The second whale had been accumulating coins for about 4 months. Whale wallet moved its 25,000 GMX (approximately $2 million) tokens to Binance and made a profit of close to $300,000. The profit rate of this whale remained at 25%, which is a very low level compared to the other whale.

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