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This Altcoin Continues to Expand in its Target Country – Announces New Investments

A popular altcoin seems to have its eye on a country with a troubled economy. They announced their new investments.

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Worldcoin (WLD), one of the world's largest altcoins, is preparing to expand its presence in Argentina and make a significant direct investment in the country.

The project is now poised to expand in Argentina, with additional funds earmarked to expand operations to appeal to more Argentines.

According to the official blog post, the commitment to increase investment and expand operations will position Argentina as a Worldcoin hub for the region and will build on the country's technological and economic development. As part of this investment, Worldcoin participants plan to fill at least 50 skilled positions for developers, operations specialists, software engineers, data analysts and more.

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In addition, more than 50 Worldcoin locations are expected to open in Argentina during the summer months, including two experience stores, in more than 10 cities across the country.

According to the blog post, more than a million Argentines use World App every month, the first wallet to support Worldcoin. Developed and operated by the developer company that contributed to the project, World App helps increase access to the global economy. World App spent several weeks in the early months of 2024 as the most downloaded app in the country on both the App Store and Google Play.

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