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Terra Labs Moves Millions of Dollars in Altcoins!

There has been activity in Terraform wallets.

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It has been almost a year since the Terra-LUNA crisis, which collapsed in May 2022, caused investors to lose approximately $ 40 billion and caused sharp drops in the crypto money market.

During this process, many investigations were launched against Terraform Labs founders Do Kwon and Daniel Shin.

While these investigations were continuing, it was stated that there was activity in Terraform Labs wallets.

According to Ertherscan data, Terraform Labs transferred millions of dollars worth of Convex Finance (CVX) tokens to another wallet today.

Terraform Labs, one of the largest holders of Convex Finance (CVX), locked a large amount of tokens last year.

According to Etherescan data, on May 9, the Terraform Labs linked wallet address moved 1.8 CVX tokens worth about $8.7 million to a wallet address starting with 0x15A5 after 277 days of inactivity.

Terraform Labs first sent 100 CVX tokens to the wallet named 0x15A5. After this transfer, another major transfer of 1.83 million CVX worth $8.7 million was made to wallet 0x15A5.

The last transaction before the 1.83 CVX transfer was made on August 4, 2022.

Listed on the Binance exchange in late 2021, CVX is far from its $62 peak. At the time of writing, CVX continues to trade at $4.73.

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