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Simple Miner – a new model for earning integrated passive income

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1.What is Cloud Mining?

① Traditional Mining:

The traditional mining model requires participants to rent large sites and purchase a large number of mining facilities. This makes many crypto enthusiasts unable to afford large amounts of money, and the mining efficiency cannot achieve the expected results.

②Smart mining:

The smart mining mode only requires a computer or mobile phone to participate in mining. You only need to invest in a rental project package and wait for the benefits. This function can be reflected in the simple miner platform.

What financial management?

①Traditional management model

The traditional financial management model requires a large amount of funds to be prepared or to be handled by an institution or bank, which takes a lot of time and requires additional management fees to be paid to the institution or bank.

② Convenient management mode

The convenient financial management model only requires a phone call or APP to place an order, and it can be arranged for you without having to arrive at the site in person to handle it, and without paying additional fees. This feature can be reflected in the Simple Miner Platform.

Fusion benefits

What is fusion income? Have you ever thought that investing in financial products is to make more money, and cryptocurrency mining is also to make more money. So if the two are integrated, wouldn’t it be much more convenient?

Download the Simple Miner APP to conveniently manage finances and mine intelligently on your mobile phone; once the financial management period is up, you can withdraw all the profits and you can see the daily profits from mining;

Whether they know how to manage money or not, or whether they know how to mine cryptocurrency, novices can quickly get started and easily earn passive income. Are these models integrated?

About Simple Miner

Simple Miner is a professional currency services company that operates with integrity (the official website has a VCR introduction). From 2019 to the present, their company has been at the forefront of reform and innovation. Their philosophy is to provide better services to global crypto enthusiasts.

Multiple welfare

①Register to join Simple Miner and receive a $10 reward for free.

② Recommend valid users to recharge and invest, and you can earn lifetime commission rewards of up to 3%-4% of the valid user’s investment amount without recharging.

③The total investment can be accumulated to reach different VIP levels, with different bonuses and additional income.

For details, please check the Simple Miners official website:

Partners who are interested in joining smart mining and financial management can download a “Simple” APP to invest and manage money anytime and anywhere, and mobilize funds anytime and anywhere.

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