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Partnership Announcement Received from Two Surprise Altcoins!

SingularityNET announced that they have partnered with Filecoin (FIL).

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According to breaking news, artificial intelligence platform developer SingularityNET announced that they have established a partnership with Filecoin.

Sharing from the X account, the AGIX team referred to Cointelegraph's news for the details of the partnership.

Accordingly, it was stated that the aim of the partnership is to integrate the artificial intelligence and decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) sectors by preserving decentralization, artificial intelligence ethics and data source.

It was also stated that within the scope of the partnership, an artificial intelligence ethics working group will be established to ensure that artificial intelligence development and distribution comply with ethical practices.

“We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Filecoin Foundation to advance our Information Layer initiative and advance the combined values of AI and DePIN.”

Ben Goertzel, founder and CEO of SingularityNET, stated that both ASI token and Filecoin (FIL) will be used within the scope of the partnership.

On whether Filecoin will join ASI, he said: “Anything is possible in the crypto world, but there is no specific announcement we want to make about it at the moment.”

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