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Missed Bitcoin’s Rally to $52K? These 3 Sector-Leading Tokens Are Your Next Big Chance!

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As Bitcoin ($BTC) scales new heights, recently touching the $52K mark—a milestone eagerly anticipated since its last peak—the crypto market is abuzz with bullish sentiment. This resurgence, confirmed by a staggering 20% increase in a week, has catapulted Bitcoin’s market capitalization beyond the $1 trillion threshold. 

With the Bitcoin ETF receiving the green light, a wave of positivity has swept across the sector, elevating not just $BTC but also a plethora of other cryptocurrencies, particularly those linked to utility projects primed to capitalize on the impending bull run.

The distinguishing factor of the upcoming rally, as per market analysts and experts, lies in its foundation. Unlike previous speculative surges, the next bull market is expected to be both massive and stable, fueled by the maturing crypto landscape and an influx of institutional investments. The era of speculative pumps seems to be waning, making way for a new wave where utility and real-world value proposition take the lead.

Amid this optimistic backdrop, the global cryptocurrency market cap is inching closer to the $2 trillion mark, currently at $1.95 trillion. Within the burgeoning crypto space, certain tokens stand out, not just for their recent performance but for their potential for significant future gains. Here, we delve into three such tokens, highlighting their unique selling propositions (USPs), recent price movements, and why they’re poised for success.

Helium ($HNT)

The concept of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, or popularly known as DePINs, is also gaining traction these days. As the crypto market matures, people are giving more attention to real life utilities of blockchain. DePINs projects are those which develop management systems based on blockchain that resolves real-world problems for computing power marketplaces and real-world data. 

The decentralized blockchain-powered network, Helium ($HNT) is designed to provide wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and is one of the leading DePIN projects. It enables devices to communicate over long distances without the need for cellular data through a network of nodes operated by individuals, known as “Hotspots.” These Hotspots provide coverage while mining Helium’s native cryptocurrency, $HNT token.

Helium is taking steps forward in space with more developments and partnerships. Spanish telecommunication company Telefonica recently reported to deploy Helium hotspots for decentralized 5G networks in Mexico City and Oaxaca.  

$HNT token serves multiple purposes within the Helium ecosystem. It acts as a reward for Hotspot owners who validate wireless transactions and secure the network, incentivizing the expansion and maintenance of the network’s coverage.

$HNT token is surfing the ongoing wave around DePIN projects. The token has surged nearly 18% in the last week and is currently trading at $8.4. Previous all time high staying at $54, $HNT holds potential to surge up to 600% in efforts to regain the ATH. 

In addition, the sentiments around DePIN are going to benefit $HNT in the coming bull run. Analysts see the token is poised to take advantage of its position of being at the forefront of the ongoing DePIN wave. The next projected price for $HNT is stated $10 for the short term while it can go till $52.7 in the coming months.  

Landshare ($LAND)

In the realm of asset tokenization, Landshare (LAND) emerges as a pioneering force, seamlessly integrating real estate with blockchain technology. By transforming property ownership into tradable Real World Asset (RWA) tokens, Landshare facilitates shared rights over underlying real estate assets. These RWA tokens not only symbolize ownership but bridge the gap between the tangible real estate market and retail investors, embodying true utility.

The platform’s ability to offer a diversification avenue beyond the volatile crypto market into the stable real estate sector, all while ensuring a risk-free, safe, and regulated investment environment, sets it apart.

Moreover, Landshare enables passive income generation through real estate investments, accessible even at a low entry point of $50, thus democratizing access to this traditionally exclusive sector. The project has sold three properties on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) till date. 

Distinguishing itself from the crowd, Landshare has moved beyond mere promises to deliver tangible results. While many projects in the sector remain overvalued, having not finalized a single property sale and essentially selling “all smoke,” Landshare has executed successful property transactions, proving its efficacy and real-world value. 

Despite these achievements, the $LAND token, with a modest market cap of just over $5 million, remains undervalued compared to its peers. This discrepancy underscores a significant growth opportunity, suggesting the potential for a tenfold increase in value as Landshare continues to expand its footprint. 

Currently $LAND is trading at $1.29 following nearly 10% in the last week. As much as the surge seen in the last week was impressive, the token has soared over 180% in the last three months. The all time high (ATH) for $LAND token is at $12. 

Analysts believe the $LAND token has huge potential ahead given the growing market for tokenization. Even if the token makes an effort to hit the previous high, it is in position to go 10X from the current trading price, making it one of the tokens with promising returns. 

The Landshare RWA token ($LSRWA) sale is live and the community believes it may see a listing on crypto exchanges soon. In addition to this, growing interest towards tokenization and the coming bull run is going to push $LAND token price further. ($FET)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) took the world by storm in 2023 and the trend is going to hover around in the coming years. Many companies looked for the opportunities around AI and crypto projects were also in-line. ($FET) is a blockchain-based platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to build a decentralized digital economy. It aims to automate various sectors, including finance, transportation, and supply chain, by creating an environment where digital entities, called Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), can operate independently or on behalf of their owners. 

The UK-based AI startup recently grabbed an opportunity to work with a German telecom company dubbed Deutsche Telekom. The partnership will be focusing on promotion of cutting edge AI and blockchain solutions. 

The $FET token is the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem and serves multiple purposes. It is used as the primary medium of exchange within the platform, enabling users to create, deploy, and train AEAs. The token also facilitates transactions, contracts, and data exchange on the network.

Currently $FET token is trading at $0.67 following an impressive surge of more than 20% in the last week. The previous high for the token stays at $1.1 giving enough room to go 2X from the current price.

The community is bullish for the token given the correlation with the artificial intelligence (AI)-like technology. $FET has the advantage to stay at the crossover of AI and crypto and hence analysts project the trading price to hit $2 in the coming days. 

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