Crypto NewsBitcoinMichael Saylor Made an Astounding Prediction for Bitcoin: China Details Attracted Attention!

Michael Saylor Made an Astounding Prediction for Bitcoin: China Details Attracted Attention!

Famous Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor made a jaw-dropping prediction for BTC.

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Famous Bitcoin bull and MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor made a jaw-dropping prediction for BTC in his recent statements.

Predicting that Bitcoin will reach $10 million during a recent podcast with Robin Seyr, Saylor also claimed that China will be a strong supporter of Bitcoin.

Arguing that Bitcoin is a perfect and immortal currency, Saylor argued that the future of money is BTC.

“What is the difference between perfect money and imperfect money? Perfect money is economic immortality. Imperfect money is this: It means a short and cruel life for all of us.

“With its decentralized structure and limited supply, Bitcoin represents a perfect form of money that could revolutionize the global financial system.”

According to Saylor, the emergence of Bitcoin made all previous economic systems obsolete, while Saylor described traditional economics as “pseudoscience before Satoshi”, referring to Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

Chinese Support for Bitcoin and $10 Million Target!

Michael Saylor, known for his strong support for Bitcoin, argued that both Chinese locals and government officials will adopt Bitcoin despite the Chinese government's current strict bans and regulations on Bitcoin.

Saylor, who has a strong belief that China will embrace BTC, predicted that the value of a single BTC will reach $10 million at some point in the future with increasing institutional adoption.

Finally, Saylor also stated that Bitcoin is a way to achieve “corporate immortality” and claimed that companies investing in BTC can survive longer than companies that follow traditional finance.

“The average operating life expectancy of a company is around 10 years.

However, companies investing in Bitcoin may survive longer. At this point, Bitcoin is not only a means of payment, but also a tool that will make corporate structures economically immortal.”

*This is not investment advice.

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