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Investors' Interest in XRP Has Decreased! A Buy Signal for XRP?

According to Google Trends data, interest in XRP has waned.

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Towards the middle of July, Ripple achieved a big victory against the SEC and XRP experienced a tremendous rise.

This increase was also reflected in Google Trends data and there was a significant increase in searches.

However, with the general declines afterward, XRP also returned almost all of its gains, while Google Trends data showed that interest in XRP decreased.

Accordingly, while XRP searches on Google peaked on July 13, interest began to decline as of July 14.

According to some analysts evaluating the decline in interest in XRP in Google searches, this is seen as a strong buy signal for XRP.

At this point, analysts state that investors are applying the “buy when it's boring, sell when it's not” investment strategy for XRP, and state that XRP is currently at a good point to buy.

XRP, which rose above $ 0.90 after the court's decision, fell to $ 0.48 with the general declines afterward.

XRP continues to be traded at $0.50 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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