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Inflation Statement by Joe Biden!

"We are making progress in the fight against inflation"

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Data on the US personal consumption expenditures price index were released today. The fact that the announced data came under expectation allowed Bitcoin to rise to $ 28550 again.

While the markets welcomed the incoming data, a comment came from US President Joe Biden.

In the statement made by the White House, the message was given that "we are making progress in the fight against inflation".

Biden's statements are as follows:

"We are making progress in the fight against inflation. Today's data shows that annual inflation has dropped by about 30 percent compared to this summer, on the back of low unemployment and stable growth. The fight against inflation is not over yet, and we are working to give families more breathing space.

Just as we work to keep costs down, we're working to build America by investing in strong supply chains and good jobs in America."

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