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Watch Out: New Week Has Plenty of Economic Developments and Altcoin Events – Here’s a Day-by-Day, Hour-by-Hour List

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market will witness numerous events and new economic development announcements in the new week.

Warm Statements from FED Member Kashkari: He Announced the Month in Which He Expects an Interest Rate Cut

FED member Neel Kashkari made evaluations about the US economy and possible interest rate cuts in his statement on CBS's Face the Nation program...

Coinbase Claims FED Could Surprisingly Cut Interest Rates Aggressively: “It Would Benefit Cryptocurrencies”

Coinbase analysts argued that the FED could surprisingly make aggressive interest rate cuts and cryptocurrencies would also be affected.

Interest Rate Cut Explanations from Former FED Vice Chairman: “This Will Happen Despite FED’s Statements”

Alan Blinder, a former Vice President of the FED, predicted the institution's moves in his statement. Here are the details.

Turkish Minister of Finance Reveals Postponement of Law on Exchange Taxation

Mehmet Şimşek, Minister of Treasury and Finance of the Republic of Turkey, announced in his statement that stock market taxation studies have been postponed.

BREAKING! US PPI Data Announced! What Was the First Reaction of Bitcoin (BTC) and the Dollar?

Data on the US producer price index has been announced. How did Bitcoin (BTC) and Dollar (DXY) react after the announced data?