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Hot Moments: The Market is in the Red Again, Altcoins are Bleeding, What’s the Latest Situation? What About Liquidations?

The cryptocurrency market was hit by a sudden wave of decline, this time hitting altcoins in particular. So what's the latest situation?

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The cryptocurrency market, which had a partial recovery from the sudden decline yesterday, saw a sharp decline again today, together with Bitcoin.

This time, a significant part of the decline was observed on the altcoin side. In the last hour, Ethereum has decreased by 1%, Solana by approximately 4%, Dogecoin by 3%, Cardano by 3.41%, Avalanche by 3.74%, Cardano by 3.40%, and Shiba Inu by 3.95%.

Among the 100 largest altcoins, those most affected by the decline and their losses in the last hour were as follows:

  1. Beam (BEAM) – 7.64%
  2. Jupiter (JUP) – 7.27%
  3. dYdX (DYDX) – 7.62%
  4. Ronin (RON) – 6.43%
  5. Ordi (ORDI) – 6.31%
  6. Floki (FLOKI) – 6.29%
  7. Aptos (APT) – 6.14%
  8. Worldcoin (WLD) – 6.12%
  9. Gala (GALA) – 6.1%
  10. Conflux (CFX) – 5.68%

During yesterday's decline, the Bitcoin price dropped by nearly 8% at its lowest point and fell from around $71,000 to $65,000 during the day.

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However, the situation is not very encouraging on the liquidation side. In the last hour, $63 million worth of liquidation took place in the cryptocurrency market. $58 million of these were in long positions.

Graph showing the liquidations experienced in the last hour.

Among the most liquidated cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin took the lead with $6.74 million, Solana with $5.26 million, Ethereum with $5.20 million, and Dogecoin with $2.92 million.

*This is not investment advice.

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