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Is It True That Billions of Dollars Could Flow from China to Bitcoin Spot ETFs on Monday? Statement from Chinese Companies

Is analysis company Matrixport's claim about Bitcoin Spot ETF and Chinese investors true? Here's the inside answer.

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A number of Hong Kong companies joining the Bitcoin Spot ETF race have denied claims by Matrixport, a Singapore-based crypto services provider, about the potential for significant capital inflows from mainland Chinese investors into a Hong Kong-listed Bitcoin spot ETF.

Matrixport had previously reported that the proposed Bitcoin spot ETF could attract capital inflows of up to US$25 billion from mainland Chinese investors through Southbound Trading Link. However, many Hong Kong ETF participants dismissed this claim as “complete nonsense”.

Southbound Trading Link is a mechanism that enables capital from mainland China to enter Hong Kong through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. The total capital from these two sources is called southbound capital.

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Contrary to Matrixport's claims, these Hong Kong issuers have stated unequivocally that southbound funds cannot purchase the cryptocurrency and related ETFs. This statement dispels Matrixport's claim that approval of a Hong Kong-listed Bitcoin Spot ETF could unlock billions of dollars of capital from mainland investors.

Matrixport previously said, “A possible approval of Hong Kong-listed Bitcoin Spot ETFs could attract several billion dollars in capital as mainland investors take advantage of the Southbound Connect program, which facilitates transactions of up to RMB 500 billion (HK$540 billion, or $70 billion) per year.” ” he said.

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