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Hot Development: World's Third Largest Bitcoin Whale Transfers $580 Million BTC, What's Happening?

According to on-chain data, it seems that the world's third largest Bitcoin whale performed an unusual transaction.

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A mysterious Bitcoin (BTC) whale transferred a total of 21,618 BTC worth over $500 million in three separate transactions within two hours.

The transactions were detected by Whale Alert, a service that tracks major cryptocurrency transfers.

Each time, the whale moved 7,206 BTC from an anonymous wallet to another anonymous wallet. The first transaction took place on May 22, 2023 at 19:31, the second at 19:39 and the third at 19:59.

Transferred amounts were $193,621,951, $193,633,596 and $193,520,873, respectively, due to price changes during transfers. The total transaction amount was around 580 million dollars.

The sender address was identified as 1LQoWist8KkaUXSPKZHNvEyfrEkPHzSsCd, which is the third largest Bitcoin whale in the world according to BitInfoCharts. The address currently holds 97,729 BTC worth approximately $2.6 billion. The recipient address is 1JHceFenZHACSRPD6tE4bfU6yJ83wTG6kH and does not hold any tokens other than the last ones.

The Bitcoin whale that carried out the transfer had previously sent approximately 4,000 BTC 3 months ago.

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