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AI Was Trained on On-Chain Data from the Last 12 Years, Then Predicted the Bitcoin Price 30 Days from Now – Here’s the Result

Cryptocurrency analysis platform CryptoQuant conducted research on the Bitcoin price 30 days from now in a study published.

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An analyst from the cryptocurrency analysis platform CryptoQuant predicted the price of Bitcoin 30 days later using the concept of deep learning.

Analysts stated that the data in question is not investment advice and is shared for research purposes only. Researchers examined onchain data on the CryptoQuant platform and used them to train an artificial intelligence model.

To make these predictions, analysts gave 376 different onchain data collected since 2012 to artificial intelligence.

According to the researchers' claim, the model in question made an accurate 1-month prediction using the onchain data of the last year in the studies.

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According to the claims in the data shared by analysts, the Bitcoin price will exceed the $ 70,000 threshold again in approximately 25 days. However, according to analysts, by the 30th day, the BTC price may have reached the limit of approximately $ 78,000.

Bitcoin price prediction chart published by CryptoQuant analyst.

BTC price is trading at $64,600 at the time of this writing and has gained approximately 2% in the last seven days. Analysts' prediction means that BTC's last all-time high price record of approximately $ 73,000 will be broken again.

*This is not investment advice.

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