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Google Cloud Will Support Web3 Projects

Google Cloud announced that it has launched a new program to provide financial and infrastructure support to Web3 startups.

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One of the biggest companies of the internet era, Google continues to increase its support for software developers.

Google Cloud, the data storage subsidiary of the Silicon Valley giant, has launched a new startup program to help advance Web3 initiatives.

The program, which will support Web3 projects in their infancy, aims to allow developers to focus on innovation and development rather than infrastructure concerns. There will be two different support programs according to the direction on the relevant web page.

In the first program, startups that do not receive institutional support and younger than 5 years will be supported. In the second option, Web3 startups that have been in existence for more than 5 years and received institutional investment before will have access to much wider financial opportunities.

Supporters of the tech giant's Web3 program include leading crypto startups such as Celo, Aptos, Hbar and Solana.

James Tromans, one of Google Cloud's Web3 domain managers, said the following about the support program:

"We aim to provide Web3 developers with a scalable and comfortable infrastructure where they can do their work. It is important for us to make Google Cloud the software developers' choice to take their first big steps."

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