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Giant Audit Consulting Firm Will Use This Altcoin Network

The company Deliotte is developing a new solution to simplify authentications that we use over and over again in so many areas.

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Deliotte, which is among the top 4 audit consultancy companies in the world, wants to benefit from the innovations of blockchain technology.

Deliotte announced today that it will connect reusable credentials to its blockchain network called KILT. According to the blog post, customers and companies that receive service from Deliotte will perform verification processes more efficiently, thanks to blockchain technology.

Micha Bitterli, one of the directors of Deliotte, made the following statements in his statement:

"KILT Blockchain offers a wide range of uses in many areas such as e-commerce, DeFi and blockchain games with its affordable transfer cost and security."

What is KILT Blockchain?

The blockchain network KILT Protocol, designed by Germany-based software development company BOTLabs, is working on digital data and identity information. BOTLabs executive Ingo Rübe claims that blockchain projects allow people to retain control over the sharing of personal information.

After the news, KILT recorded a 25 percent growth during the day.

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