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Elon Musk Tweeted Three Words: Ignited The Price Of This Altcoin! Not Dogecoin!

The world's richest business person, Elon Musk, ignited the price of a new altcoin with his Tweet.

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is known for his influence on the cryptocurrency market, and especially on Dogecoin, about which he often tweets. However, this time Musk may have turned his attention to another altcoin: Aptos (APT).

Musk wrote three words in a meaningless Tweet: “AI APT OTT!”.

With some crypto users interpreting this in favor of Aptos (APT), a sudden jump occurred in the price of the APT altcoin, and the price rose from $12.70 to $13.42.

While some cryptocurrency users argued that My Musk's tweet was completely random, the mention of the word AI (artificial intelligence) in the tweet was also noteworthy.

Musk has expressed both positive and negative views on artificial intelligence and has also invested in various AI-related companies such as Neuralink and OpenAI.

*Not investment advice.

Buradaki Yorumlardan Bildirim Al

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