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Deadline for MiCa, the European Union’s Bitcoin Law!

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The final voting date for MICA, the framework cryptocurrency law prepared for countries in the European Union, has been announced.

The final vote on the law introducing new licensing regimes is expected on April 19.

The law was finalized in June 2022 and there were later additions and removals. It was stated that the final vote on the law, which has been delayed and delayed many times until today, will be held on 19 April.

The deputies who discussed the law in the commission voted in favor of the Mica law with 28 to 1 votes.

The law will come before the European Parliament on April 18 and some aspects of the law will be discussed. At this point, regulations regarding the need for decentralized cryptocurrency platforms to verify customer identities will continue to be a matter of debate. As per procedure, voting will take place one day later, on 19 April.

In the current version of the law, exchanges, wallets and crypto companies will be able to be licensed to operate in the EU provided they meet certain norms, while reserve requirements will be introduced for stablecoin issuers. If the law is approved at the end of the voting, the official newspaper will be published and will enter into force in 1 to 3 years.

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