Crypto NewsAltcoinData from Santiment Drops: These Three Altcoins Are Ultra-Trending Today

Data from Santiment Drops: These Three Altcoins Are Ultra-Trending Today

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment listed the altcoins that are talked about by the crypto community today.

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In its statement, cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment compiled the altcoins that are currently on the agenda of the crypto market and are the most talked about by the community.

According to the data recorded by Santiment analysts, the list of currently trending crypto assets is as follows:

Wormhole (W): According to analysts, W ranks first on the list of the most trending altcoins of the day. This popularity is due to the airdrop of $ 670 million of the altcoin, which was launched today and is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance.

Ethena (ENA): ENA, which is a new altcoin that distributes airdrops like W and is in second place on the trend list, is due to the significant increase in its price and the market value exceeding the psychological limit of 1 billion dollars.

Waves (WAVES): Unlike the other two altcoins, WAVES is not among the new altcoins and ranks third on the trend list according to Santiment analysts. This popularity of the altcoin is attributed to the plan to transfer XTN treasury assets to the Waves Index (WIND) pool. The protocol is considered to purchase tokens from Neutrino reserves using WAVES.

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According to Santiment's list, the rest of the trending altcoins are listed as follows: ELON, DAI, BTC, SYN, ETH, MEW and CAKE.

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