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Watch Out: Only Minutes Left – The Great Altcoin Halving is About to Happen!

There are only hours left for the halving event of an altcoin, which occurs every four years, to come true.

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There is very little time left for the halving event of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was separated from Bitcoin (BTC) through a hardfork in 2017.

According to Nicehash data, Bitcoin Cash's halving will take place on April 4, 2024 (today) at approximately 02:16 Turkey time (UTC+3).

However, this may not be the exact time when the halving will occur because the calculations are arranged according to the number of blocks produced. BCH is currently 839,993. block has been produced and the halving event is 840,000. It will take place on the block.

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The performance of the BCH price may have caused some disappointment in the last 24-hour chart before the halving. BCH price has decreased by 8.41% in the last 24 hours. However, due to the halving effect, the price of the altcoin increased by 26% in the last month.

Bitcoin's halving event is planned to take place on April 20. It is thought that the mining and production of BTC will end in 2140.

For Bitcoin Gold, another Bitcoin hardfork, the halving is expected to occur on April 23.

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