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Cryptocurrency Revenue Forecast from Research Firm: Which Countries Take the Lead?

Leading market research platform Statista has predicted that crypto revenues will increase by more than 100% in the two major countries.

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Leading market research platform Statista has shared its forecasts for year-end revenues in the crypto industry. According to a detailed report published by research experts recently, the biggest revenue growth in the crypto industry will occur in the UK.

Statista predicted that crypto-related revenue in the island nation would rise 125% to approximately $5.5 billion. UK-affiliated countries generated $2.5 billion in revenue from blockchain activities last year.

USA Maintains Leadership

The United States holds the lead in crypto revenue, although market experts predict the UK for the fastest growth. According to estimates, the revenue of the United States from blockchain will reach $ 17.96 billion with an increase of 108%.

Revenue of $12.93 billion in 2021, the world giant saw only $8.60 billion in 2022 due to the bear market.

On the other hand, the uncertainty regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the USA continues. While there is no cooperation between institutions for regulation, pressure has been established on many crypto initiatives since the beginning of the year.

Finally, Statista predicted that the number of citizens using cryptocurrencies will reach 100 million by 2027. Considering that the world population is 7 billion, we can say that the industry still has a long way to go.

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