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Crypto Stock Regulation Approved In Germany!

The European giant is implementing the necessary regulation so that companies in the country can tokenize their stocks.

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Germany, one of the countries in Europe that has the most positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies, has made a new regulation for the crypto-based issuance of stocks.

In an announcement this week, the German Ministry of Finance announced a new regulation approach called the "Financing Law of the Future". According to the bill, crypto-based tokenization of publicly offered stocks in the country will be legal. New arrangement; It aims to integrate corporate law, taxation and capital markets.

The country's finance minister, Christian Lindner, said the following after the announcement of the new bill:

"We want to make Germany a center of attraction for growing or newly established companies. For this purpose, we have made arrangements to make it easier for citizens to access capital markets. Small and medium-sized companies will also benefit from the new bill."

Germany Beats Singapore in Crypto Rankings!

Germany, one of the largest countries in the European Union, surpassed Singapore, known as the world's most "crypto-friendly", in the said metric.

According to the unofficial ranking published by CoinCub, Germany is now the country with the most positive approach to the crypto industry.

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