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All Eyes on Bitcoin Turned to Powell's Statements: What Time Will He Speak? Will There Be a Powell Pump in Prices? What are the expectations?

PPI data and FED President Jerome Powell's statements are expected in Bitcoin.

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Although the high inflation that the FED has been struggling with for a long time has receded slightly, it is still above the FED's 2% inflation target.

At this point, while the possibility of the FED reducing interest rates is decreasing day by day, and the uncertainties regarding the FED's next term interest policy continue to make pricing difficult, all eyes in the markets are today on FED Chairman Jerome Powell's statements and PPI data.

While the signals to be received from the inflation data that will be announced in the US economy starting today are expected to increase volatility in the markets, the results of the New York FED's Consumer Expectations Survey for April, which was recently announced, increased concerns.

According to the survey results, while consumers' short-term inflation expectations increased, analysts stated that both the increase in inflation expectations and the cautious stance of FED officials negatively affected the risk appetite in the markets.

At this point, while analysts think that today's PPI and Powell's statements may affect investor decisions, he said that CPI data will be followed tomorrow.

Analysts also added that the question marks regarding the FED's next term road map may decrease after the PPI and CPI data.

Will Powell Pump Come to Bitcoin?

PPI and CPI data, which are among the important data followed by the FED for inflation, and FED President Jerome Powell's statements regarding interest rates have a great impact on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The analyst, who thinks that this week's CPI, Core CPI, PPI and FED president's speech will affect the direction of the Bitcoin price, expects volatility to increase in BTC after Powell's statements and data.

At this point, some analysts state that Powell's speech will have a positive impact on the BTC price and there will be an increase, while others think that we will see inflation data slow down for the first time, if not this month, then soon.

FED President Jerome Powell will speak at the Dutch Foreign Bankers Association panel. His speech will start at 17.00 Türkiye time.

*This is not investment advice.

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