Crypto NewsSponsored3 Cryptos to Survive the Bear Market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Everlodge

3 Cryptos to Survive the Bear Market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Everlodge

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Bitcoin is on a possible downtrend to the $20K support, while Ethereum reaches a “death cross” on the weekly chart. Everlodge enables investors around the globe to co-own a piece of their dream vacation home. Read on below.

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Bitcoin Paints a Bearish Picture

Bitcoin is indisputably the king of crypto and the only real store of value, but despite promising developments, Bitcoin struggles to hold the support at $26k. Bearish pressure is weighing on Bitcoin’s price, and traders tread cautiously, speculating that a move towards the $20K support is in the cards. 

The future trajectory of Bitcoin relies on catalysts and for the moment mainly on the SEC’s decision on the Bitcoin ETF proposal. Until that’s settled, Bitcoin holders should consider alternative assets. Some might be turning to the ongoing Everlodge presale to secure the last remaining ELDG tokens.

Ethereum’s “Death Cross” on the Weekly Chart

Ethereum, the king of DeFi, is undoubtedly a crypto heavyweight and has established a reputation as the most reliable and versatile network for smart contracts and dApps framework.

After pivoting in April, the valuation of Ethereum dropped by over 25% to date and is hovering around support levels at $1.5K. A look at the daily chart shows a break from an upward trendline, and additionally noteworthy, there’s a “death cross” approaching on the weekly chart, which indicates an upcoming downward trajectory.

Yet, Ethereum sees intense institutional backing, and with an impressive TVL of $30 billion, it is still the second-largest blockchain in the market.

With Ethereum offering not much volatility for the moment, investors are exploring other options while the market consolidates. The Everlodge presale offers an alternative investment with a low market cap and a lot of room to grow.

Everlodge Offers Fractionalized Properties

Everlodge’s innovative approach and promising potential are drawing attention in the market. Everlodge is luxury property co-ownership made possible by blockchain technology.

By translating luxury real estate into fractionalized NFTs, everybody has the opportunity to invest in high-end properties starting from as low as $250. Industry experts and analysts in the real estate sector have an eye on the Everlodge presale and the unique model that is designed to meet the needs of both ends of the market. Vacation property owners and investors alike can benefit.

ELDG is the native token of the ecosystem, and the smart contract is fully audited. The Everlodge token offers staking incentives and other benefits for holders and provides a possibility for passive income. Additionally, investors can benefit from the token’s price appreciation and the property value increasing. Altogether Everlodge provides outstanding features for generating significant returns. Experts predict the ELDG token to soar by up to 30x when it launches.

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