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Minister of Justice of the Country with the Highest Earnings in Cryptocurrencies After the US and the UK Made a Statement: Will They Ban...

The Minister of Justice made a statement about the status of crypto transactions in the country with a dense population of cryptocurrency users.

Hot Moments: The Market is in the Red Again, Altcoins are Bleeding, What’s the Latest Situation? What About Liquidations?

The cryptocurrency market was hit by a sudden wave of decline, this time hitting altcoins in particular. So what's the latest situation?

Is It True That Billions of Dollars Could Flow from China to Bitcoin Spot ETFs on Monday? Statement from Chinese Companies

Is analysis company Matrixport's claim about Bitcoin Spot ETF and Chinese investors true? Here's the inside answer.

Leveraged Trading Victim: A Trader Lost a Fortune on This Memecoin in Yesterday’s Crash: “When I woke up, I had lost 800 thousand dollars”

Many traders lost a significant part of their portfolios in the sudden decline in the cryptocurrency market yesterday.

Did They Know: Suspicious Trades from FTX and Alameda Wallets Ahead of the Market Crash

FTX and Alameda, the collapsed cryptocurrencies that triggered the last cryptocurrency winter, took positions before the latest decline.

New Development in Coinbase-SEC Case After Crypto Market Plunge

There have been new developments in the case filed by the SEC against the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Coinbase legal officer also made a statement.

FED Rate Cut Expectations Have Changed: 20 Giant Wall Street Banks Announce New Expectations

Along with the latest inflation reports, there are also changes in the forecasts regarding the FED's interest rate decisions in the upcoming period.

Has Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Event Priced in? Which Direction Will the Price Go?

Has the market priced in the Bitcoin halving event that will take place in 8 days? Here is the analyst's answer.

Last Views Before Halving: Experts Share Their Predictions on What Will Happen to Bitcoin Price

Cryptocurrency analysts are discussing what may happen to the price with the upcoming Bitcoin halving event.

Analysts: These Two Altcoins Will Be Hardest Hit by Monday’s Hong Kong Bitcoin Earthquake

Cryptocurrency analysts listed the altcoins that may be most affected by the Bitcoin Spot ETF event, which is expected to take place on Monday.

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