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FTX Hacker Starts Moving Funds! Here are the Remaining Altcoins in his Wallet

The hacker, who carried out a major hacking incident and stole a significant portion of the funds during the collapse of FTX, took action.

Giant Investment Company Paradigm Files Amicus Brief in Favor of Binance in SEC-Binance Case

Paradigm attorneys intervened in the Binance v. SEC case and filed an amicus brief in favor of Binance.

Which Chain is Most Preferred in the US and Europe: BNB or Ethereum? Here are the Regional Preferences

A cryptocurrency infrastructure provider company conducted an in-depth study of regional validators' chain preferences.

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Updates Turkey’s Credit Rating

Standard & Poor's (S&P) updated Turkey's credit outlook. Here is Turkey's new rating according to the organization.

After the Arrest of 3AC Founder Zhu Su, This Altcoin Has Taken a Big Dump: Price Halved

The price of an altcoin crashed after Three Arrows Capital founder Zhu Su was arrested and sentenced to prison in Singapore.

Do Kwon’s Secret Messages Exposed Before Terra (LUNA) Collapsed: Was This the Cause of the Breakdown?

Terra (LUNA) founder Do Kwon seems to have admitted to committing fraud in the messages he sent before the collapse of the ecosystem.

Claim: Giant Company Has Been Secretly Dumping This Altcoin to Exchanges for Two Weeks

According to information provided by Onchain analysts, digital asset company Brevan Howard Digital is dumping this altcoin.

Google Cloud Starts Serving as Validator on This Altcoin Network

According to the official statement, Google Cloud started to act as a validator in the proof of stake network of this altcoin.

Bitcoin Mining Company President Speaks About BTC: "New Rules May Attract Corporates to the Market"

Kent Halliburton, President of Bitcoin Mining Company Sazmining, said in an interview that he is optimistic about Bitcoin.

Giant Company Valkyrie Pauses Ethereum Futures Purchases Until Approval From SEC!

Valkyrie Asset Management announced today that it has halted ETH futures purchases until approval from the SEC.

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