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Research Firm Bernstein Highlighted the Potential of an Artificial Intelligence Company Engaging in Bitcoin Mining!

Research and brokerage firm Bernstein defended the artificial intelligence potential of IREN company and the value of its Bitcoin mining activities.

BlackRock Supports MakerDAO's 1 Billion Dollar Fund! Price Reacts!

BlackRock plans to apply for MakerDAO's $1 billion Tokenized Treasury Investment Program. MKR price started to rise.

Why Aren't Bitcoin and Altcoins Rising? When Will the Altcoin Rally Start? Analyst Announced!

Alex Kuptsikevich explained why Bitcoin did not rise, saying that for the altcoin rally, BTC should rise first.

Striking Claim from Analyst While FED Rally is Expected in Bitcoin! "The situation is not as simple as it seems!"

How will FED interest rate cuts affect Bitcoin price? When will the rally start? 10X Reserach founder Markus Thielen explained.

Matrixport Explained the Real Reason for the Decline in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Matrixport pointed to Korean investors for the recent decline in Bitcoin, saying that Koreans often turn to altcoins.

New Move from Institutional Whales Counting the Days to Spot Ethereum ETF! They Made Large Purchases in ETH and 6 Different Altcoins!

With the influence of Spot Ethereum ETFs, two giant whales turned to Ethereum and ETH-based altcoins and made million-dollar purchases.

SEC Closed Its Investigation into This Altcoin, The Price Started to Rise!

The SEC has closed its three-year investigation into Hiro Systems (Blockstack), Developer of Bitcoin L2 Stacks. STX price rose.

Billion Dollar Countdown in Bitcoin and Ethereum! What Does It Mean for BTC and ETH Price?

According to data, 24 thousand Bitcoin and 157 thousand Ethereum options will expire on July 12. What does it mean for BTC and ETH price?

BREAKING! US PPI Data Announced! Here is the First Reaction of Bitcoin (BTC)!

Data on the US producer price index has been announced. How did Bitcoin (BTC) and Dollar (DXY) react after the announced data?

While Losses Continue in Bitcoin, the Positive Series in ETF Entries Continued! Here are the Details

US spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) recorded total daily net inflows of $78.93 million on Thursday.

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