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After the FED’s Decision This Week, Analyst Shares the Levels He Expects Bitcoin to Hit

Following the FED's decision to keep the interest rate constant this week, analysts discussed the impact of this development on the Bitcoin price.

Four Whales Are Jointly Operating, Selling This Altcoin

According to Onchain data, four different cryptocurrency whales acted together and sold this altcoin.

PEPE Whales Are Active Again: Many Frequent Inflows and Outflows to Exchanges

A significant increase in activity is observed in the whales and price of the popular memecoin PEPE. Here are all the details.

Fresh Addresses Withdrew Large Amounts of Altcoins to Their Cold Wallets Today: Here are the Details

Newly created cryptocurrency whales seem to be focusing on some altcoins. Here are the fresh wallets and their altcoins.

Coinbase’s Bitcoin Reserve Wallet Discovered: Here is How Much BTC It Holds

The wallets where cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase holds Bitcoins were discovered by onchain researchers.

FED Member Speaks About Inflation Data and Interest Rates! Will the Increases Continue?

Boston Fed President Susan Collins said interest rates should be kept high as the fight against high inflation continues.

Is It The Right Time To Invest In Bitcoin And Altcoins? Former Coinbase Manager Answered!

Former Coinbase board member Katie Haun said she thinks this is a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Giant Bitcoin Exchange Decided to End Its Activities in the UK!

The giant cryptocurrency exchange has announced its decision to suspend all its operations in the United Kingdom next month.

Ethereum Report from JPMorgan: "Ethereum's Shanghai Upgrade Did Not Have the Expected Impact!"

JPMorgan's latest research report revealed that the Shanghai upgrade did not have the expected impact on the Ethereum blockchain.

Google Cloud Announced That It Added 11 New Blockchains to Its System!

Google Cloud announced that it has integrated eleven more popular blockchains into its BigQuery public datasets.

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