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Watch Out: Giant Whale Alert – It Made 338 Million Dollar Worth of Altcoin Transaction

According to Onchain data, a giant cryptocurrency whale made an altcoin transfer of $ 338 million.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, Makes Promising Comments About Bitcoin (BTC)

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink talked about Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, in a live broadcast he attended.

Best Ways to Earn Passive Income With Crypto-6 Best Free Cloud Mining Platforms in 2024

Curious about earning passive income without the hassle of managing hardware or equipment? Look no further than cloud mining! This innovative approach to cryptocurrency...

Cryptocurrencies Are On A Mega Donald Trump Rally – Analytics Firm Explains What To Expect Next

The cryptocurrency market is celebrating the rally following the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

Trump Expectation in Bitcoin! Bernstein Analysts Shared their BTC Forecast!

Bernstein analysts stated that the Trump incident will positively benefit Bitcoin and BTC miners. Here are the details...

Is China Preparing to Lift Bitcoin (BTC) Bans in 2024?

It is claimed that China is preparing to lift the Bitcoin (BTC) ban in the 4th quarter of 2024. Mike Novogratz commented.

Will the Rise in Bitcoin (BTC) Continue? Analysis Company Answered!

Matrixport analysts think that the rise in Bitcoin (BTC) that started after the Donald Trump attack will continue. Here's why....

Ripple (XRP) Operation in the Philippines! Two People Arrested!

In the Philippines, two Russian citizens stole 12.2 million XRP worth 6.2 million dollars from the local stock exchange. A lawsuit was filed against them.

Is the Worst Over for Bitcoin? What is Needed for the Ascension to Continue? Analysts Announced!

Analysts think that the selling pressure in Bitcoin (BTC) may be behind and the rise has begun.

SEC Explained in Details Which Altcoins It Considers as Securities and Why! Here Are Those Altcoins

The US Securities and Exchange Commission explained why it considers MATIC, MANA, CHZ, SAND and LUNA tokens to be securities.

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