Crypto NewsNewsWorldcoin Founder's Company OpenAI Reveals What Today's Mysterious Big Announcement Is

Worldcoin Founder’s Company OpenAI Reveals What Today’s Mysterious Big Announcement Is

OpenAI, the company CEO of Worldcoin (WLD) founder Sam Altman, announced what the big surprise is today.

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OpenAI, one of the world's largest artificial intelligence companies, made an important development and announced the launch of its new model GPT-4o at the Spring Updates event. The announcement was made by Mira Murati, OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer.

GPT-4o, the latest member of the GPT series, is preparing to bring GPT-4 level intelligence to everyone, including free users. This next-generation AI model can reason on voice, text, and image simultaneously, making significant progress in multi-modal capabilities.

The new model is faster and has advanced text, image and audio capabilities. It is called “Omnimodel” because of its ability to reason between different modalities.

In addition to GPT-4o, OpenAI also introduced the ChatGPT desktop application. This new app will provide users with greater accessibility and convenience by allowing them to access ChatGPT outside of web and mobile applications.

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The desktop version of ChatGPT is expected to further increase the reach of the platform, which already has more than 100 million users. Additionally, more than 1 million custom GPTs have been created by users on the GPT Store.

The GPT-4o implementation also brings productive AI rendering capabilities to free users through DALL-E 3.

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