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Will there be a decline or rise after SEC's Ethereum ETF decision? Will the Expected Spark for ETH Come from Grayscale? Here are the Latest Current Predictions!

Analysts evaluated the likelihood, impact and expectations of SEC's spot Ethereum ETF approval.

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After the SEC approved spot Bitcoin ETFs in January, all eyes turned to spot Ethereum ETFs.

With only nine days left until the SEC deadline to approve or reject spot Ethereum ETFs, the odds of approval are slim.

At this point, Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas told DL News that he does not expect approval before the end of 2025. He also stated that the majority of investors do not expect the ETFs to be approved.

Quinn Thompson, founder of crypto hedge fund Lekker Capital, also told DL News that the chances of Ethereum ETFs being approved are slim to none.

At this point, Thompson said that the “buy the news, sell the rumor” phenomenon, which has been experienced many times in the market, also occurred in Ethereum.

According to Thompson, “buy the news, sell the rumor” has already happened in ETH, and the possibility of ETH ETFs not being approved has already been priced in. At this point, Thompson argued that rejection of Ethereum ETFs could lead to an uptrend.

Only Graysacale Can Change the Situation!

Additionally, 10X Research also evaluated the possibility of approval of Ethereum ETFs. At this point, Markus Thielen, founder of 10x Research, said that the likelihood of ETFs being approved is very low.

Thielen stated that in the face of the increased possibility of rejection, investors' focus shifted to Grayscale, which became an important player after its legal victories against the SEC.

“Grayscale's legal win against the SEC in the Bitcoin spot ETF process was overshadowed by its 1.5% annual management fee while everyone else was charging near-zero fees.

While investors' focus has now shifted to Ethereum ETFs, the SEC is unlikely to approve an ETH ETF on May 23.

“Given Grayscale's unique position in the market despite the high fees it charges compared to competitors like Blackrock, only Grayscale can file a lawsuit against the SEC in the event of a rejection, and only it can remedy the situation.”

*This is not investment advice.

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