Crypto NewsBitcoinWill the SEC Approve Bitcoin Spot ETFs Today? Cryptocurrency Journalist Explained

Will the SEC Approve Bitcoin Spot ETFs Today? Cryptocurrency Journalist Explained

It has been rumored for several days that the SEC could approve Bitcoin Spot ETFs on Tuesday or Wednesday. So what's the real deal?

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According to sources quoted by Reuters, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to provide information about Bitcoin Spot ETF applications for approval today or tomorrow. However, the timeline for approval remains unclear.

Eleanor Terrett Doesn't Expect SEC Approval Today or Tomorrow

Cryptocurrency journalist Eleanor Terrett commented on the possibility of an approval today, saying, “While the SEC is certainly unpredictable, I would be surprised if approvals happen tomorrow (today).” said.

Terrett explained that, based on his conversations with applicants, the SEC should review and comment on any changes made to the S-1 forms filed Thursday/Friday.

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Terrett continued his words as follows:

“If the SEC follows an approval timeline similar to ETH futures in October, the agency will notify issuers after this round of review when they would like final S-1s to be filed and issue them within the following 24-48 hours.”

Given that SEC employees have been on leave since Friday, Terrett says even a confirmation on Tuesday or Wednesday seems unlikely. However, he maintained an optimistic outlook, saying, “But we'll see! Whatever happens, the next two weeks will be exciting for crypto.”

*This is not investment advice.

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