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Will Qatar Really Buy Bitcoin (BTC)? Analyst Explained His Opinion

How true are the claims that Qatar will buy Bitcoin? The analyst commented on these claims and expressed his opinion.

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Bitcoin is notable for its volatile price movements and growing acceptance among mainstream investors. But convincing the world's sovereign wealth funds of the advantages of investing in Bitcoin remains a challenge, according to one analyst.

In early March, rumors spread that Qatar's sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), could potentially invest in the BTC market. This speculation emerged when it was reported that one of the private jets of the Emir of Qatar landed on the island of Madeira for the Bitcoin Atlantis conference.

But Fadi Aboualfa, director of research at Copper, questioned the likelihood of any sovereign wealth fund choosing Bitcoin over fixed income or more traditional assets during its capital allocation. He discussed why sovereign wealth funds would invest in BTC rather than the security of five-year bonds that can offer risk-free returns of 5-6% annually.

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When it comes to rumors of QIA's Bitcoin investment, Aboualfa suggested that the country would be better off using its unmined natural gas for Bitcoin mining. “This would be growth in terms of revenue versus the untapped natural resources they already have and the most expensive part of Bitcoin mining,” he added.

However, Aboualfa suggested that BTC could potentially appeal to countries looking to separate themselves from the dollar-dominated global financial system:

“Especially countries that are more dependent on the West for payment networks than they would like may turn to Bitcoin because blockchain and digital assets allow them to reduce geopolitical risks and provide more control. This could eventually lead, in the long run, to a return to monetary sovereignty, which currently only applies to BTC.”

*This is not investment advice.


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