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Which US Presidential Candidate Will Bitcoin (BTC) Investors Vote for? Here are the Current Survey Results!

A survey funded by Paradigim found that Trump's positive cryptocurrency statements gained him votes.

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US presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump have completely opposite views on cryptocurrencies. While Trump supports Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, Joe Biden makes anti-cryptocurrency statements.

This allows Trump to come to the fore in the elections. A recent survey funded by Paradigim found that Trump's pro-crypto stance is winning him votes.

A survey by Paradigm showed that former US President Trump's recent pro-cryptocurrency statements positively influenced the 13% of Republicans who were reluctant to vote for him.

The Paradigm-funded survey was conducted by Echelon Insights in mid-June of more than 1,000 Republican voters.

60% of survey respondents support Congress' regulation of crypto businesses.

Additionally, while 28 percent of Republicans surveyed reported owning cryptocurrency, those investing were generally younger, male, and non-white demographics.

Paradigm's general counsel Katie Biber said the following about the data:

“The poll reflects Republicans' generally positive sentiment toward cryptocurrency and shows that cryptocurrency is critical to voters' decision-making.

“Republicans understand the appeal of cryptocurrencies and support congressional action to set clear and predictable rules.”

*This is not investment advice.

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